Thursday, 17 June 2010

“Who Says it Needs Sieving?”

While baking a cake for my grandmother’s birthday my Mum and I came up with an idea for a brilliant cookbook – a book of shortcuts in the kitchen!

Does flour really need to be sieved?

Why use a whisk when a fork will do nicely?

Weighing scales or tea cups?

Why caster sugar when granulated works just as well?

Plain flour? We can use self-raising if that's what we have in the cupboard (although this doesn’t work the other way around…)

Just because we love baking should not mean that we have to buy specialised equipment or follow strict rules.

If we want to get philosophical we can compare this to life... We can use what we have, what more do we need? We can buy ‘special equipment’ such as fast cars, flashy handbags but we don’t really need them have our cake and eat it (see what I did there)!

Cooking (and life) is fun, and if we do it right, messy too! So let us go forth and make a mess. Worry about the clean-up later.

Sod you Gordon Ramsay! Get out of my kitchen!

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