Monday, 3 January 2011

For Dad


Circles in a coffee cup;
A steaming golden ocean.

Night or day desire floods
Hot and delicious.

To and from work you float

Decay of Man


Swim the Universe in a day.
Come with me to the moon,
The stars and sun.

What do you dream?
Do you question eternity in Gods?
Or Ghosts? Or the decay of Man?

Why the want of morning
When the light brings only

A Voice


Voice in a crowded room
Lingers and speaks:

"young fool,
The choices you have made
Surround you.
Think fast, write deep
From the poison pit of paradise"

Four Words

Was there this girl?
Was this girl there?

There was this girl.
This girl was there.

I thought I could try a poem consisting of just four words... I don't know...