Thursday, 29 May 2008

Red Balloon, Part Two

Inspiration for the poem 'Red Balloon' struck while I was
gazing out of the office window yesterday and saw a red
balloon floating across the sky. Strangely, another red balloon
appeared in the same pattern this morning. It felt like deja vu,
only it was real. At least, I think it was...

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Red Balloon

Red balloon, sailing across the dull, grey sky.
Have you escaped from a child's grasp
Only to float aimlessly into oblivion,
Or have you a better place to be?

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Yesterday's Words

Worry not of yesterday's words;
Poetry of a vast night devoured by a morning star
Soft as breath, yet lingering as perfume,
Bleeding into an ocean of eternity.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Poetry or Cookery?

Private thoughts, each an ingredient not yet mixed.
Simmering inside me, they fuel my art.
If I were to let everything spill out over the floor,
I would have nothing left to cook with.

Puppy Poetry

Inside me ideas bounce like a box of hungry pups.
I can smell food, but it is still beyond my reach.
So many times I start to write, but not beyond a few words,
a scrap at a time, and still my tummy rumbles.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

A Nautical Metaphor

I look down as life laps between my tiny toes;
A tide patiently waiting to carry me over the horizon.
I stand on this desolate beach, hammer in hand,
staring at a pile of wood.

This is how I am feeling today. My future awaits,
and I have all the tools in hand. If only I could
find a boat-building manual.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Death and the Letter 'D'


Drink deep the dazzling day.
Dance to the delicious rhythm of life
As Death draws about you,
Unseen, cloaked in darkness.

Soul Food

My soul is in a zip-lock bag and has no room to breathe.
Your peanut butter kisses are not what I need.
My chocolate tears run slowly down the cellophane.
Pass me a fondu fork, so my soul can breathe again.

Fool's Desire

Tomorrow is every fool’s desire,
Though yesterday is not at rest.
We dream our wings will take us higher,
But can our hearts withstand the test?

Champagne Simile

Thoughts, like champagne bubbles break the surface
And burst, the sound ringing out into the night.
Inspiration, bitter sweet rolls around my tongue,
The soft whisper of a dream by candlelight.

Magnetic Poetry

Much of my inspiration is found using Magnetic Poetry: It is amazing what insight into life one can find small in a box of words. Many hours of cogitation have been spent here.

(each of my pieces written with magnetic poetry
will be marked with *MP*)