Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Into the Deep


Old memories begging me to write
But pictures bleed into the deep.
Like ghosts words melt into the light,
Words that in the darkness seep
Into my dreams that flood the night.



The rhythm of the rain
Speaks its diamond poetry
And secrets stream as webs
Down mirrored windows.
The steaming glass alive
With shining rainbows.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

War Poem


A thousand battles storm the sky,
A host of angels wake from sleep.
You triumph when the broken lie,
With blazing breathe they squirm and speak:
"Young fools with fire you may kill
And laugh to see our ghosts despair,
But listen as one voice we will
Haunt you 'til too much to bear"

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Glass Jar

My mind is encased in a glass jar.
Thoughts swarming like flies
To a neon lamp.
The constant buzzing and tapping
reminds me that I am safe
Yet trapped.
The intense silence is deafening
As it engulfs everything that is,
Until finally all that is left
Is what might or might not be.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Red Earth

Red earth like rust as a dirty car
Rattles past the ragged fruit stall,
Blinding in shades of red and green.

Red sun over jagged mountain,
Silver against the bleeding sky;
The strike of a spear cleaving skin.

Black faces bold against the dirt
With shining eyes and gleaming teeth,
Their Masai garb red as the fire.

Small children riding donkey carts
Laugh and jolt as red hooves clatter.
'round them are chickens, free to roam.

Monday, 3 January 2011

For Dad


Circles in a coffee cup;
A steaming golden ocean.

Night or day desire floods
Hot and delicious.

To and from work you float

Decay of Man


Swim the Universe in a day.
Come with me to the moon,
The stars and sun.

What do you dream?
Do you question eternity in Gods?
Or Ghosts? Or the decay of Man?

Why the want of morning
When the light brings only

A Voice


Voice in a crowded room
Lingers and speaks:

"young fool,
The choices you have made
Surround you.
Think fast, write deep
From the poison pit of paradise"

Four Words

Was there this girl?
Was this girl there?

There was this girl.
This girl was there.

I thought I could try a poem consisting of just four words... I don't know...