Tuesday, 15 June 2010


On the bus this morning I had to listen to a group of college students discuss “Mucbeff” – this assault on the English Language, and on English Literature makes me see red – I myself saw a dagger before me!

What makes people lose their respect for their native language and twist it into this socially acceptable dribble? There are those who argue that our language is always changing and evolving, but if it carries on like this we will return to the days of grunting like monkeys. Darwin would turn in his grave!

Yes I realise I am being horribly prejudiced towards these members of society… I blame Eastenders and Hollyoaks for encouraging the children of today. And since the BBC rescinded the use of ‘Queens English’ this has given way to laziness and apathy.

What was I talking about? Ah, Macbeth. At least we few people who value culture can lose ourselves in the timeless language of Shakespeare, Wordsworth and Milton. Well, perhaps Milton is taking things a little far…

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